COVID-19 Show Updates and Videos

Update 3/28/2020:

We have changed our traditional sale to a "Premium Sale," which means that Exhibitors will be keeping their projects to do with as they please. The sale will take place online over a 48 hour period as soon as we have judging results. Updates with specific dates and times to come.

We have also set Saturday April 4th as a date to drop off your animals to have them "Floored." We will have a trailer for the animals to be loaded directly into from your transportation. This will take place at ETSF. You will need to have completed the online Virtual Entry Form so we know weights and tag numbers. Check Facebook for specific times and more updates as they become available.

1.) All poultry and rabbit exhibitors are to bring their projects to the fairgrounds on Wednesday, April 1 beginning at 8 a.m. There will be two lines designated for drop off, one for poultry, one for rabbits. Cars will stage in the Harvey Hall parking lot. One at a time , each car will come over to the barns and drop off their project. Each exhibitor will take a picture with their project in front of our backdrop in the event their project makes sale. If you are concerned about safety, a SCJLS Board Member will come to your car and remove your animals without you have to leave the vehicle. Once animals are dropped off, exhibitors must leave. When all poultry and rabbits are on the grounds, they will be judged by the judges. Results of the judging will be provided once the large animals are judged.


2.) For all other market animals, exhibitors must submit a Video by 11:59 p.m. on April 3rd. Video guidelines are posted in the video at the bottom of the page. These will include: steers, commercial heifers, lambs, goats, and pigs. The animals will be placed and sale order will be made from submissions. You must also complete the SCJLS Virtual Show Entry to submit your video and a photo of you and your project. Click the Red Button below!


3.) Once we know who makes the sale and how we will proceed with the sale, we will give options to floor animals. Some buyers may want to buy that specific animal and get it processed.


4.) Home Ec, Ag Mech, Horticulture and all open shows will be postponed at this time. We will host all Home Ec, Ag Mech and Horticulture projects in the Fall. 


5.) Breeding Heifers will have a show in June at some point.

6.) Open/Breeding Rabbit Show is cancelled. Once all entry monies have been received, these individuals will be refunded.

7.) If there are still any scholarships out there that need to be turned in, please get them in the mail as Skyler needs those by 3/27/20. Their office is closed to the public, so mail it in. If they are missing signatures or GPAs, that is fine. If they are unable to exhibit their senior project such as Ag Mech, Hort, or Home Ec, or breeding animal, it will not count against them as long as they were entered in the show. More details on how scholarship interviews and/or selection will be handled will be sent out at a later date.


We understand that this isn't ideal, but we still wanted to provide all of our exhibitors the opportunity to exhibit their animals instead of cancelling all together. 

To make a donation to the show, please go to our Donations page.

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