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Navigating the
Sale of Champions

We welcome the public to the Sale of Champions, which raises money for students selling their projects.

Information regarding the process of buying a project or donating an add-on is below. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Sale of Champions and supporting the youth of Smith County.

Buyer's lunch: 11:00 AM
Award Presentations: 12:30 PM
Sale of Champions: 1:00 PM


When you arrive, there will be a designated table for buyer registration. If you are a previous buyer or completed online registration, you will be asked to update company information. If you are a new buyer, you will be asked to submit information. Once registration is complete, you will be given your buyer's number.


Buyers are asked to sit near the front of the auction to help our bid catchers see you.

When you "win" a bid, you will be asked to select an option for the project.


  • Take home what your purchase and pay the full price.

  • Give up ownership and donate floor price back to student.​

  • Give up ownership and donate floor price to the scholarship fund.

  • Give up ownership and take floor price as a credit to my bill.


Buyers have the following options for payment at the end of the auction:

  • Pay out (cash, check, or card)

  • Receive an invoice in the mail

    If you choose to take an animal project home, they will not be loaded until the conclusion of the Sale of Champions.

Add-On Donations


Donate to any student at the SCJLS, whether in the Sale of Champions or not.


Any amount can be donated to a student's project as an add-on.


Buyers are able to payout at the end of the Sale of Champions or be invoiced.


If you want to split your donation between a specific chapter/club or the entire auction, please indicate that on your form.

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